The best party food: La Ensaladilla Russa

This summer, my boyfriend and I wanted to do something special for his mom’s birthday, so we decided to celebrate her birthday with her entire family by throwing her a cookout! I should mention that my boyfriend lives in Spain, and I live in the US…. that information might just come in handy! Some of the decoration for her party I shopped around for before leaving to Spain and other things were scores from the dollar section in Target. We were on a budget, and I’m a college student so I’m always on a budget, but I also needed to buy a couple of things in Spain. That was harder than I thought it would be, especially since their dollar store party plates just weren’t cutting it for me. So we had to improvise a lot! It would also help to remember that every business in Spain closes on Sundays. So yeah, maybe we wouldn’t have had to steal flowers from our neighbors if we would have remembered to go to the florist on Saturday. Guilty. Everything else worked out perfectly! Even the high winds came in handy since we got the park all to ourselves, score! Regardless, one thing I really enjoyed was my boyfriend’s special recipe for his “Ensaladilla Russa.” He swears by this and doesn’t let me make it. He’s the only one with the power! I trust him, so I let him do it, but I made sure he knew that if no one ate it, he’d lose his power. Thankfully, there were no leftovers! An Ensaladilla Russa is a like a potato salad with a twist. Very quick and easy! I love this dish because it is so easy to change and so easy to make as well. It is very common in Spain as a tapa or a side dish and one of my favorites! I hope it brings you a lot of happiness as it does to us!



  • Potatoes
  • Green Peas
  • Carrots
  • Apples
  • Hard-boiled Eggs
  • Tuna
  • Mayonnaise

Directions: After your potatoes and vegetables are cooked, you want to cut potatoes in squares and place them in a large bowl. Go ahead and mix the potatoes in with the vegetables, and then peel your hard-boiled eggs. Once your eggs are unpeeled, cut them in half and put the yolk aside. After you take out the egg yolks, you can then put in the hard-boiled egg whites that are cut into small pieces, into the bowl with the other ingredients and mix. Then peel and cut an apple or two into small pieces and mix them into the bowl. After all of the ingredients so far are mixed well, you can add some tuna. Then, to put it all together, add the mayonnaise. Last but not least, you can grab those egg yolks you put aside and grate them over the salad. Make sure once you finish you store it in the fridge to keep cool. It tastes much better when chilled.

IMG_8617Feel free to add anything I didn’t include in the ingredients, as well as remove anything you don’t like. Remember that this is just a “basic” recipe; you can do anything with this, which is why I didn’t include measurements. Just add little by little until you see you have enough for your family of four or your party of 18. Enjoy!


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